About WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment, Southern California Specialty Gas Supplier

As a certified member of PurityPlus Specialty Gases since 1970, we can honestly promise you and every customer the finest specialty gases available in Southern California – or anywhere else, for that matter. And that’s not all.

Our Southern California laboratory is staffed by local people – people with a flair for manufacturing superior specialty gases, certainly, but also savvy about how customers utilize them across our service area. In our minds, that’s the defining word: service. As a local company we’re ideally positioned to issue the gases our customers need quickly, efficiently, safely, and economically. We’re also sharply focused on getting to know our customers. We seek every means available to form strong relationships with them so we can provide them with the best service possible. We’re as proud of our consulting capabilities as we are of our talent for producing the highest-quality specialty gases in the nation.

To keep our PurityPlus certification and to insure that our products always exemplify the highest quality standards, we’re audited once a year by a third party. Besides that, we see to it that our people attend regularly scheduled training seminars. And you can trust that we’re ISO 17025-compliant.

We’re here to satisfy you, Southern California, with the PurityPlus specialty gases, speedy delivery, and conscientious service you require. See for yourself why so many others in this region rely on WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment for all their specialty gas needs. Call us at 866-WESTAIR or contact us online today.