WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment is committed to providing you with quality specialty gases and specialty gas related equipment along with excellent service. Our customer testimonials explain why you should choose WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment as your specialty gas and equipment supplier. 


“WestAir's team of specialists designed and installed a turnkey supply system ensuring us an uninterrupted supply of liquid and gas products.  At times throughout the year when running three shifts this has been critical to our production.  In addition, WestAir has the inventory and quality brands of supplies and equipment that we need to keep our manufacturing department productive.  With the support we receive from WestAir's Customer Service team along with their field specialist, Flowmaster looks forward to a growing partnership with WestAir now and in the future.  ”

- John Sharp, VP of Manufacturing, Flowmaster Mufflers Inc.

“Over the past several years I've been using WestAir as my primary gas and safety provider.  During that time I've gained an outstanding trust in what they stand for.  The sales people have always been honest and straight forward with their approach.  Many times I receive my purchase orders the same day.  That sort of quick service relieves the job foreman and me of potential stress that occurs when purchase orders are not filled in a timely fashion. ”

- Pat Smith, Certified Air Conditioning, Inc.