Argon in the Atmosphere in Southern California

We are well aware that the air on Earth is comprised of multiple gases, oxygen and nitrogen being the two main gases. Yet Argon is another gas that is generally not as recognized as other atmospheric gases, however has proven itself to be equally important throughout numerous industries.

Argon is a passive, monochrome and odorless gas that only inhabits approximately 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere. Although this gas is limited in amount, it is consumed across multiple industries. In museums, Argon is utilized for historic preservation. Historically significant documents, like the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta, are preserved using Argon. Unlike Oxygen, Argon does not degrade the paper or ink of these, especially delicate documents. On the opposite spectrum, in the welding industry Argon is utilized as a gas shield for arc welding.

Considering the diverse use cases for this gas, there remains a regular demand for the substance. For this reason, specialty gases like Argon are usually sold in smaller capacities and cylinders.

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