The Need for Nitrogen in Southern California Pharmaceutical and Biotech Applications


We’ve talked before about the uses Nitrogen gas (N2) in the food and beverage industry. As you may expect, though, judging from the amount of this gas in our atmosphere, nitrogen has lots of other equally beneficial uses. WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment, your Southern California PurityPlus® Partner, is particularly active, for instance, in supplying nitrogen to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech firms most often employ nitrogen in a process dubbed blanketing to help preserve or boost the quality of packaged medicines, medical supplies, medical devices, and biological samples. In essence, blanketing displaces oxygen with nitrogen prior to the packaging being sealed. This eliminates the likelihood of oxidation, contamination, degradation, and other detrimental side effects resulting from oxygen reacting with other sorts of materials. Nitrogen safeguards product or sample sterility and integrity. It also helps preserve and protect products while they’re being shipped. Specimen containers, blood supplies, and doctor’s test kits are examples of products generally packaged with nitrogen.

Nitrogen being a safe, inert gas, it’s employed quite frequently as well to transfer liquid and powdered pharmaceutical materials, which can be unsafe if handled inappropriately.

In addition, nitrogen blanketing is applied to diminish the presence of oxygen – and thus the possibility of fire or explosions – in settings where combustion is a real concern. Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, medical laboratories, and hospitals habitually employ nitrogen generators to look after the level of oxygen in the workplace seeing as how generators are more easily and accurately controlled than high-pressure gas cylinders.

Meeting the pharmaceutical and biotech industries’ need for ultra high-purity and ultra carrier-grades of nitrogen here in Southern California has been a top priority at WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment from the first. Contact us today and consult with one of our specialty gas specialists to help determine which of our nitrogen products is right for your application.