Southern California Specialty Gases for Laboratories and Research

Analytical laboratories want stable, trustworthy carrier gases and calibration mixtures. Regardless of whether your Southern California lab’s Gas Chromatographs utilize ECDs, TCDs, FIDs, or yet another means of detection, the PurityPlus®-accredited labs of WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment will insure that your requirements are met. Our custom calibration mixtures enable WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment customers in Southern California to benchmark analytical methodilogies and prepare baselines for both research and product development. Our pure gases and gas mixtures give laboratories sure and valid standards for dead-on instrument calibration, making PurityPlus gases the most dependable choice for Southern California labs like yours.

Phone us at 866-WESTAIR or contact us online and we’ll describe all the ways we can enhance your laboratory’s research and product development efforts. You’ll see right off why labs in Southern California have relied on WestAir Specialty Gases and Equipment all this time. It’s our high-quality gases, of course. But it’s equally a matter of our skilled and wholly personalized service. We think you’ll be happy with the mix.